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Barefoot vs. Shoes

I'm interested in the barefoot idea simply because I absolutely hate (bad
four letter word) paying $70 for shoes.  I know some of you pay more but as
they say, "Your broken leg won't make my broken leg feel any better."  I
have a serious question that possibly some of the barefooters can answer.
Years ago I had a Missouri Foxtrotter that I rode every other day 7 days a
week in training to win at CTR.  He was shod and sometimes the steel shoes
would wear thinner than a quarter in just 6 weeks.  Unfortunately, 6 weeks
wasn't always sufficient time for him to grow out enough to be re-shod.  I
would use Easy Boots in the interim.  If I had been riding him barefoot
what would the result have been on his feet?  I can't imagine a hoof
wearing better than steel or am I confused in my logic?  Bob

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