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Day 17, 2001 XP

Today was another great day, a little cooler -- in the 70/80's and about 
53% humidity.  We had clouds most of the day and a little bit of a breeze 
later on.  The trail today was really nice, good soft roads and some actual 
cattle trails.  We're camped at Register Cliff, it's a really neat 
place.  On the ride here today we rode thru some farmers fields that still 
have actual wagon ruts in them!

I think there were around 35 riders yesterday, and 36 today.  I rode Rocky 
today, and he was a bit of a twit after having three days off.  You'd think 
he'd be getting mellower and instead he's turning into a real doofus out on 
the trail.  I don't know if he's bored or just wants to go faster.....he 
thinks everything is going to get him.  Maybe he just wants to keep me on 
my toes, no sleeping allowed!  It was kind of funny though, we took 9 hours 
today and came in 3rd place! Everybody else is slowing down.  We were on 
our own a lot after lunch and that's when I made up time because we were 
keeping a more consistent pace then you do when you end up in a 
group.  Some of those cattle gates are pretty difficult to do alone, but I 
managed with the help of my reins. The horse was much better when he was 

I've got some really nice photos from today.  With the big dark thunder 
clouds above and the green scenery, the contrast is awesome. Wyoming is a 
beautiful state.  This morning I rode with Sue Robinson from San Diego, CA 
and Terry Nance, from Tennessee.  Then later I rode with Jim and Jamie 
Mitchell.  Jim got BC today.  After lunch I was with Tinker for awhile, 
then on my own the rest of the way.  I kind of like riding alone, 
especially when we are on really neat trails like today.

We decided that if Rocky doesn't calm down and behave himself (at least 
pretend to be tired!), he's got a new name:  Jim's New Horse.  Boy, am I 
looking forward to riding Weaver tomorrow!

Last night a rattlesnake turned up in camp, we're waiting to see whose 
pommel it ends up on <G>.  I guess we better be careful about where we let 
the horses graze in all this grass.  Tonight we can walk the horses over to 
the river and that's kind of neat.

Better get those photos all put together, maybe I can take a nap (ha 
ha).  There is so much to do, and so little time!   The Duck promises us 
that it'll be cooler tomorrow night, we'll be up at over 7,000 
elevation.  Right now we are around 4,000 something.  That $10 fan from Wal 
mart is a lifesaver!  Barney removed Whinny's stitches today and she seems 
pretty well recovered from her accident.  Now we think she has a foxtail in 
her nose.  :->

Happy XP Trails,

....near Fort Laramie, WY

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