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Ok i've been reading all of the postings on barefoot, first of all i ride a 5 yr old qtr horse barefoot in endurance and have had no problems even on his first 50 recently, but you have to watch the wear very carefully i check after each ride and if the wear is exceeding growth then lay off for a week or two. so far i have had only a little resistance from rm's about going barefoot (no boots) his feet speak for themselves all a vet has to do is examine them to see he does not need shoes. not all horses are this lucky though my arab's feet would come apart if ridden without shoes or boots although she is getting better now that i have a competent farrier who actually cares about heathy feet and spends the time to shoe correctly and trim natuarally for the horse to travell normally. For a horse to be able to go barefoot can be a long process to properly condition them for them. I think everyone needs to look at each case independantly as no two horses are the same, what works for mine may not work for yours. SO LETS ALL HAVE AN OPEN MIND PLEASE.

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