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RC: Re:Re: Barefoot- Story of WITEZ II (from Barb Peck)

Barb Peck
Anybody read the story of WITEZ II, one of the Polish Arab
foundation Stallions?
He and several other hundred arabs were evacuated during the
war, and travelled several hundred miles in a short time.

In the book "And Miles to Go", it states that WITEZ II and
one other stallion were shod, so they were able to make the entire
trip sound, while scores of other arabs were lamed from
the long trek  (and these horses weren't even being ridden).

.......My point being, for every impressive story about barefoot horses
of yore.. you can find an equallly impressive story of shod horses.

If a horse can compete in endurance barefoot, then great..
but if the wear exceeds the growth, then shoe 'em.


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