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Re: RC: Re: Barefoot, reply to Bob Morris

In a message dated Wed, 27 Jun 2001  4:35:36 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Abigail Aiyagari <> writes:

<< The difference between metal shoes and hoof boots is that hoof boots allow
the hoof mechanism to operate, which is a circulatory pump for the horse
as well as a shock absorber.  >>

Actually, the shod hoof with no pads has much more opportunity to have sole and frog contact with the terrain (and hence circulatory pumping action) than does the booted hoof.  Unless, of course, your horse is constantly on surfaces such as pavement.  Out here in dirt and rocks, the frog is making contact just about as well in our shod horses as in our barefoot ones, judging by the tracks...


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