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Was barefoot - now Easy Boots?

Hi all,

Thanks for everyone's responses about taking my mare in her
first LDs barefoot.  I've been advised to have boots with
me, just in case.  Which is smart, so I'm going to.

I've never used any kind of boots before, and have had many
recommendations for the three main contenders - EZ Boots,
Horsesneakers, and Old Macs.

The tack store around the corner from me only has EZ Boots.
It would be the most convenient for me, if I lose one and
needed a quick replacement, etc.

Could somebody please email me about how to properly fit my
horse for these, and what tricks to use to keep them on?
Also, what is the best way to get my horse used to them,
what to watch out for, etc.?

I also am concerned about the little metal things that dig
into the hoof wall.   Can the use of these be avoided?  I
don't want to compromise my mare's hoof walls at all, if I
can help it.  Or maybe they don't do that much damage?  I
know nothing about using boots - never needed them even in
the rockiest terrain out here in Sunland.  But I want to be


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