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Re: RC: Loading (trailers, not carbs <grin>)

I will say this:  There are trailers and there are trailers.  Some of them 
I wouldn't ride in myself.  When starting a horse out with trailer loading 
or when working with a problem loader, if you don't have a trailer that's 
open, airy, comfortable for a horse to begin with, then beg, borrow or 
steal one of those to train in.  Loading a horse in a closed in, tiny, dark 
trailer is a *special circumstance* of trailer loading and to my mind 
starting with one of those is unfair.  Kind of like teaching someone how to 
ride by taking him/her on the Tevis trail.  It can be done, but you're 
likely to have way more problems.  Why set yourself up for failure?  Start 
easy and develop good skills before attacking special circumstances.

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