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Reply to rearing / tiedowns

Howard wrote:

> My 17 hand Saddlebred used to do this (rearing), and, sometimes, still
tries to.    First thing is use a tie down.<

No, no, no.  First thing is check for physical causes of rearing.  Very
often, rearing happens when the rider is either tense because the horse is
balking, or nervous.  Often, particularly with novice riders, they will take
a stronger contact on the reins.  If the horse has a tooth problem, this
could trigger a rear.  If the horse has a low palate and a single jointed
bit, this could trigger a rear.  If the horse is uncomfortable in his poll,
and you're riding with a curb, this could trigger a rear.

Adding a tie down to such a situation could trigger a disaster.

Once you have eliminated any and all physical causes (including
inappropriate tack for that particular horse - I'm not suggesting that curbs
/ single jointed bits are inappropriate, just that they're not appropriate
for every horse), then start thinking about training issues.

And I don't think a tie-down is a training solution.  It solves the symptom,
not the cause.


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