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RE: RC: Fwd: RC: Re: Australian System

Here in Idaho every ride I do is competitive! Considering where my wife
likes to ride it is a competition to just return to the barn some days.


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Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 11:57 AM
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In Indiana half of our rides are CTR rides. We use
them for the young horses, plus for training rides.
Diane & Jerry Fruth

Jerry & Diane Fruth
Hickory Ridge Arabians

On Tue, 26 Jun 2001, Truman Prevatt wrote...

>In FL I would say most riders have done both CTR and endurance. At a
>in the sunshine state, it's not unusual to find world class FEI
>riders with new young horses. Most of us down here that primarily do
>endurance will do a CTR from time to time and most of the riders that
>primarily do CTR will do an endurance ride from time to time.
>It depends on the individual horse of course, but as a rule I would
>question the wisdon of using a horse for endurance that interferes
to the
>point that you could not do a 25 mile CTR without the aid of boots. I
>think NATRAC has changed the "no pads" rule which is a positive step.
>Jennifer Layman wrote:
>> Yeah, but how many endurance riders actually start out in CTR??  I
>> didn't!!!  I had a mare that needed splint boots, etc. and so
>> couldn't take her in NATRAC.  At the time that was the only CTR
>> I knew of.  I know several other people that have done years of
>> endurance and never done a CTR.  There are no guarantees that an
>> endurance rookie with start with a good slow base.
>> Jennifer
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