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I have enjoyed reading the posts on stallions this past week. I am starting a 
three year old Moyle stallion (only the second one they have let off their 
ranch), and seeing as how he's my first stallion, I'm gobbling up info. He 
came off the range as an un-touched two year old last summer, and in three 
and a half days of John Lyon's training methods out in Idaho I had him ready 
to ship to Florida (it took them eight days to get here with him!). Needless 
to say, I've been working on manners with John's methods for a year now, and 
I've hauled him around to friend's places just for the exposure. I'm 
convinced this could be one of the most important things I do with him to 
prepare him for distance riding. I had him to his first clinic two weeks ago, 
and we got on him for the first time. He was a total gentlman with other 
horses around. There were even broodmares in heat he had to keep going past 
in his training.  Of course he hasn't bred yet, but he will cover his first 
Arabian mare this fall. 
Like John always says; "you ride the horse you lead", so I expect that since 
he has great ground manners already, he may not be a big problem on the 
trail, and I'm fully prepared to be on my toes all the time around others.
See you on the trail.
Becky and Moyle Eli

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