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Rebecca Treeless Saddle


I'm new to this list and hoping your input will help me to make
an informed decision on purchasing a saddle. My horse is tough
to fit (wide shoulders/back) and I'm excited about getting a treeless
saddle (for both him and me - I really enjoy riding bareback but
definitely want the security of a saddle).

I was poised to order a Bob Marshall Sport Saddle, but then
learned of the Rebecca Treeless Saddle. For me, the main
attractions of the Rebecca are how the design protects against
pressure on the withers and the lower cost. I also like the look.

Please keep in mind that I am not an endurance rider but a
relatively novice recreational trail rider (a few 1-2 hour rides per
week) who just likes getting out in the woods with her horse.

All input very much appreciated (on-list or privately)!!!

Thank you,


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