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Re: RC: You just can't legislate everything . . . !

I certainly can't argue this... So how do we establish that courage
amongst all our vets, ride managers, and riders?  I have seen many
new ride vets get "talked into" allowing a horse to continue that
they know deep down shouldn't.  As our sport grows so does our demand
for more vets.  How do we fully prepare them for this?  Even if you
do prepare them, how many really have it in 'em.  Face it, not many
people deal with confrontation well.  I was vet secretary once and a
rider's horse was "not right", but all perameters were okay.  The
crew member of the rider had told the vet that the horse had a mild
colic the night before (this was said while the rider was trotting
the horse out and not in ear shot... the rider did not offer the
info).  The vet (an new vet to endurance) obviously had no idea how
to handle the situation and let the rider continue.  The rider went
slow and the horse was fine, but what a risk!  Granted this is not
the norm. 

I honestly am not trying to argue... really! I am just playing devils
advocate in the discussion.  It is actaully very unlike me to post at
all, but I think this is a long term, important subject.  I do think
the majority of our veteran vets take hold as you have done Heidi and
it is great to see. 

> We don't need rule changes to be able to do that--we need to be
> able to have the courage of our convictions, and stand up for what
> needs to be done!
> Heidi

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