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Re: RC: absess

Angie, that's the way I do it, too.  I don't like the easyboot because
it's such a pain to fool with that everytime I want to check it, and it
can get wet in there.  The reason I suggested changing twice a day is
because they wear off the duct tape walking around.  If you wanted to go
all day, just slap on a few extra strips of duct tape on the bottom that

Ichthammol, like it's name sounds, is "icky".  There is another product,
which I learned about from Ken Marcella, called "Magnapaste".  It's also
a "drawing salve", but it's pleasant, green, minty, and is the
consistency of light, sticky axle grease  (but not greasy) with a little
sand (probably the salt) in it.  Verrry nice stuff and works as well, if
not better than Icthammol.  Problem is, can't seem to get it anywhere
except from Ken's place over at Chattahoochee Equine. Anybody know an
online source?

Jim and Sun of Dimanche

Rides 2 Far wrote:
> > I think I like Jim Holland's answer better than my first one.  I >>have
> > used7% iodine, but I think Ichthamol would be better, as it is (as Jim
> > said) a drawing salve.  I don't feel that twice a day change is
> necessary,
> Word of warning. I've destroyed the strap inside of an easyboot with
> ichthammol.  It just desolved it over the course of a few days.  I agree
> with Barbara... gauze with a big glob of ichthammol, wrap it with duct
> tape, and leave it till they walk through it (usually one day) The best
> way I've found to wrap it is tear off a bunch of short pieces and
> crisscross them all over the bottom of the foot, then make a few round on
> the side and put a few extra rounds around the rim.  Be careful not to
> pull tight and get up above the coronary band.
> P.S. I *know* I'm posting too much. It's because I've got a ton of
> housework to do and it's an avoidance mechanism!
> Angie
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