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Re: History/Future/dead Horses


I am an endurance rider from Australia.  We have rules for new horses and riders entering endurance which do ensure they are slowly introduced to the sport.  Riders must do 2 x 40km rides and then succesfully complete 240 km before they are a qualified endurance rider, they are not to enter a ride more than 120kms in one day.  They either have to do the ride with a minimum riding time (14km/hr), or ride behind a pace rider. 
A novice horse must also successfully complete 240km during no less than ninety days and be entered in no more that 4 rides over this time. They also have a minimum ride time or have to follow pace rider.If a qualified endurance horse has more that 13 months between completing a ride they become novice until they complete 1 successful ride
Our horses have their own logbook which we must have at every ride otherwise we can't ride, this enables the vet to check the horses history.
This system works really well and helps riders learn how to pace their horses.
We also have an Early Warning System and Rest Orders.
If anyone would like more info I'd be more than happy to help.
Happy riding (I hope!),

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