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Re: Fatality Reports

Thanks Randy , I knew there were things in place but I was not sure exactly what. I still think that prevention is a good idea. Annie
Anne George Saddlery
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Sent: Friday, June 22, 2001 5:07 PM
Subject: RC: Fatality Reports

I will not venture to make a comment on any particular occurrence before the facts are known.  However, AERC has defined reporting procedures that are required after every sanctioned ride including when there is any treatment or fatality.
After every AERC sanctioned endurance ride the Head Vet sends in a Post-Ride Statistical Report (PRSR)to the Office.  The PRSR lists the Ride Name, Region, Ride Length, Date, Ride Manager, Head Vet, Number of Ride Vets, # of starters, # of finishers, # of non-finishers and the reasons for non-completion, the actual location of lameness, number and types of specific lameness problems seen at the ride and number treated for lamenss.
The same regimen is required for metabolic pulls,  number and type of metabolic problems seen, # treated for metabolic problems, including # of horses and the quantity of IV fluids given.
Same regimen for injury pulls as well as a regimen for Rider Option Pulls.
If a fatality occurs, the Head Vet is required to report the occurrence and "....attach a full accounting of the circumstances involving the death of a horse.  Notify the AERC Veterinary Committee of death(s) as soon as possible.  Please attempt to determine the cause of death,  Consider a thorough post mortem and submit lab specimens if at all possible."
The PSRS also requires a description of any unusual occurrences that may have affected the number of non-finishers at the ride, eg. high heat and/or humidity, poor trail conditions, etc.
If there is proof of cruelty to an animal, then there are procedures to file a grievance and/or protest with subsequent penalties.  This procedure works and has been used this year.
Randy Eiland

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