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Caring for your horse dilemma

<<The QUESTION is - confronted with the same
situation, what would the rest of you do? I am thinking about a course of
action I would take but would like to hear from others. ANYONE??>>

I guess, Sandy, given that this is a local rider that you'd recognize that
you, or better yet your daughter, take her aside quietly somewhere other than
a vet check, and talk to her about it.

I worry about some of the situations we discuss on Ridecamp that seem better
suited to a one-on-one or quiet type of "shunning" solution.  Yes, I know
there are some issues inherent to the sport that need to be discussed in a
'big picture' sort of way.  

The problem with discussing these individual events on line with literally
thousands watching is that I've personally watched stories get distorted,
modified, exaggerated and just plain wrong at someone's expense.   Sometimes
it is just not terribly responsible to do.

Don't mean to be rude or judgmental;  this just gets so ugly sometimes.


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