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Caring for your horse

HOW ABOUT A NEW DILEMMA?  - at Hog Wild, my daughter who was not riding but
crewing for me (for a change:)!) ended up holding and caring for a horse that
belonged to one of our local riders - a woman, rather heavy set with long
hair. I know her face but not her name. My daughter took your horse's saddle
off, sponged and scooped your horse cool, made sure he (she) drank again and
again, fed your horse and ultimately spent about 45 minutes with YOUR HORSE -
while you sat in a chair and complained about your own fatigue. You left your
horse with reins hanging when you went to sit down, unattended and LOOSE! He
obviously needed care but you left him anyway. My daughter made sure he got
to the vet. I was disgusted. At Malibu the same thing happened only my
daughter, who recognized you, was too busy with out own horses, hers included
to repeat her care from Hog Wild.

This isn't a ride management problem nor even a racing problem but a very
fundamental "what the ^%&$ are you DOING???" problem.  

Okay - there is the story and here is the moral - if you don't want to care
for your horse, DON'T RIDE! My daughter is still learning a lot about care
and responsibility and her many questions about this irresponsible behavior
could not easily be answered.  The QUESTION is - confronted with the same
situation, what would the rest of you do? I am thinking about a course of
action I would take but would like to hear from others. ANYONE??

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