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History/Future/dead Horses

 I was NOT there, But I wonder, how many VC's there were, and why was the caution given at the last one and not the first?  I certainly do not envy the vets difficult job. Way back when .........  Endurance  riders usually came from horse backgrounds, ranch kids, or rodeo/show people,  Now I see allot of brand new to horses people burning up the trails, These people are not horsemen. They are not only new to endurance, they are new to horses.  They cant possibly "get it" yet.  And how realistic is it of us to actually expect them to. They see our top front runners rolling into the finish, with a wound up sweaty horse, and they can't possibly know that the rider has 20K miles, and knows every body cell in that horse, and knows exactly what they are doing (usually) exactly where the horse is at, and is in complete control of it. All they  just see is go fast and win.  I wonder if it may be time for some kind of introductory requirements. A first time rider MUST be sponsored by someone, like juniors are, maybe even for the first few rides, whether LD or Endurance it wouldn't matter where they started just so it is with a sponsor. An apprenticeship if you will.  Then they would at least have the opportunity to  begin to "get it".  prior to the first ride.  I think  a very important point is that as our sport grows, we will increasingly come under the scrutiny of the animal rights activists, and these unnecessary and completely avoidable incidents of death and injury will bring us allot of grief.   Awhile back it was suggested that oldies volunteer to mentor newbies at rides.  We are not exactly rushing to the forefront on that one.  I certainly do not know the solution, just offering suggestions.  However, it is obviously a problem that needs to be addressed in a way that is productive. Not just hashing it on RC. If we do not clean up our own messes, sooner or later somebody else will step in and do it for us, and I guarantee we ain't gona like it!  I have always been against getting more and more rules, but in this case I really feel that an adult first time rider sponsor requirement should be promoted.  The 19 year old who rode that horse has suffered a devastating lesson, she may never return to endurance. If she had a sponsor it would not have happened, and the "coach" whoever that was, would not have been in control.  And what was obviously a "great heart" would not be dead.  Annie G.
Anne George Saddlery
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Sent: Friday, June 22, 2001 6:30 AM
Subject: RC: Horse Dies after NASTR

Barb Peck
from Barb Peck

Can the sanctioning body of an endurance
ride (or CTR)or the Ride Manager issue a statement of events (medical or
otherwise regarding deaths of horses entered in their event?

Does there have to be a legal protest filed before this can occur?

Or, is there a legal issue why this couldn't be done without
a formal protest?



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