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The Bet (from Barb Peck)

Barb Peck
From Barb Peck

   Marv's post brings up some good points.

I'll go one further and just remind everyone that this *is*
the internet... which IMO means any forum (or any person) can
be or say anything (or not).
  For users of this technology, to judge someones honesty from their
writings on the Net, can sometimes can be like trying to picture what a
person looks like over the phone... pretty darned difficult.

...if someone wants to misrepresent themselves, the horse world is
usually the wrong place to do it, because ironically, with the advent of
the internet, the horse world has just gotten ALOT smaller, and you NEVER
know who you may run into around the next corner in real life.

My assessment of this thing is that Tom (Crusty personality withstanding)
went to the wall for
someone he thought was honest, and that quality is admirable in
I don't think his lost 1K is the main thing on his mind right now.

Bill, on the other hand.... just learned that the same medium he exploited
with his stories, can be used effectively for honest communication and he
got caught.  Whether or what he learned from this, only he'll know.

Smokey is happily eating grass, probably like he has thru the whole darned
thing.  Actually I'm super glad he didn't really go through that trailer
flip over accident...

Each and every Ridecamper has the right to their opinion
on this or any other issue posted, whether to respond or not.... and of
course the delete
key is always there.

(on my computer at work.. which has about 5 sessions running at once.:)

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