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Re: remedies for girth galls

Thanks.  I knew it was something like this, just couldn't remember.   (really hope you are not older than me)
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Subject: RC: remedies for girth galls

I just got the recipe from a friend (funny you should ask <g>).  I'm positive
you wouldn't want to use this on skin that is at all tender or sore
currently.  It is a preventative not a cure.  Here's the recipe:

8 oz iodized salt, 8 oz white vinegar and 4 oz alum (which you can get at a
grocery store, I think in the spice rack area or at a Health Food Store) .
Add to 1 quart of warm water in spray bottle and shake it to mix.  Shake
each time before using and spray on the area you want to toughen every day
for a week or so and rub into the hair to get to skin.  Be sure to wash off
before riding.  Once the skin has got tougher, just use once or twice a week
while competing.  Again, be sure to wash off before girthing.

Sylvia (I'm using this on my young horse who has verrrrry thin, sensitive

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