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Re: horse cookies

> Does anyone know if you can add electrolytes or vitamins and minerals to
> your cookies?  Baked at 350 for 15 mins. due they loose thier value.
> Trying to think of way to get these nutrients into fussy mare.  If I give
> her eletrolytes at rides she won't eat her grain.  But she loves her
> cookies.  Appreciate any advise.

Minerals and electrolytes won't be harmed by baking, vitamins will.

But I kinda have my doubts you could get enough e'lytes into her just
through cookies.  If she stops eating, let her eat first and then syringe,
plus try smaller, more frequent doses mixed with applesauce.  Too much of a
dose at one time on an empty stomach gives them a tummy ache.

Susan G

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