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Re: Overconditioning/Underconditioning?

I'm not an endurance rider (YET - hope to be someday!) but
am learning as much as I can, and have been doing a few of
my own 20+ mile rides in anticipation of finally trying a
real ride.

I have a 10 year old Arab mare.  Our routine (we are not on
any "conditioning"
schedule per se, this is just how it works out) consists of
one 2 hour ride
during the week in the evening mixing fast walking and
trotting, and quite a few
canters, maybe one other session in the arena for 30-45
mintutes during the week
(but not always), and then a longer ride one day on the
weekend, usually 2-4
hours or more depending on time constraints, with hilly
terrain.  We are in
Sunland CA, where the Sunland ride is held, so that is the
terrain we are riding
on, and she handles it very well.

I find that this alone keeps my mare in shape for when I
want to do 20+ miles up
in the hills once a month or so.  We do this in about 4
hours, I guess.  Haven't
really actually timed it.  She comes back in great shape.
Doesn't even sweat a
whole lot.  We can return home cantering, and she is fine.
I turn her out after
cooling off, and she trots off like we never left - seems
like she could turn
right around and head back out for more.

So, is this enough conditioning time or should I be trying
for more?  I work
full time, so it's hard to get a lot of riding time.  I
don't want to think my
mare's in shape for something she's really not.

Jennifer and Mahriah

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