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Re: RC: BET - resolution -TI/Bill/Cliff Part II-other evidence

>Once again, remember, Tom and Cliff accepted me as the arbitrator. Those of
>you who asked questions about the data Bill produced deserve a little more


>Now I will batten the hatches for the personal attack.  (I have been to sea
>you know and braved the elements --- .) And get back to reading t s eliot's,
>Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock.

As an impartial observer in this thread who has no stake and no interest
in this beyond it was interesting to follow the progression of this, I have to
say, that barring evidence of equal weight and credibility, this is without
doubt one of the better arbitrated cases I've seen in a LONG time.

I doubted your ability to handle this based on your closeness to and
knowledge of one of the individuals.

Simply, put...superb job.

Marv "My Diogenese lantern may not need refueling." Walker

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