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New helmet brand

Last year I went on the helmet hunt again (it was time to replace the old
one) and found the International Pro-lite.  It was shaped nicely to fit my
head and seemed secure.  The harness system, however, leaves a bit to be
desired.  The helmet is heavier than some and weight, along with the
harness system where you pull on the two forward straps to tighten the two
back straps, wiggles loose after a few ends up sliding down my
forehead and over my eyes.  Way too much "bob" for my liking!!  No amount
of tightening of the back straps would keep them that way so I ended up
fighting with it, constantly pulling on the front straps, and getting
basically annoyed with the whole thing.  Finally decided to go looking for
a new one again.

I found one while out shopping today that was comfortable and *very* light
with a good harness...basically (as I was told by the tack shop employee)
it's a knock-off of the Troxels but fits my round head (where the Troxels
don't.)  It's a Classico by DelMar and comes in black or white with a
velveteen cover (for those who want to do dressage shows <g>) -- and is
reasonably priced at $35.  I'll be giving it it's test ride tomorrow
morning.  Don't know who on the internet carries it but if you're in the
market for a lightweight helmet similar to a Troxel but will fit a round
head better, look for this one. 


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