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Malibu LD Incident - Long

I can only shudder when I read these types of posts.  I have primarily
competed in LD for a variety of reasons.  I now have a young colt that I
plan on doing 50s on starting in January.  The type of riders described give
all people who enjoy and do the LD a bad name.

Just a quick note, my horse and I just did Tammy's Hog Wild.  It was only
his 2nd endurance ride, plus there were a lot more hills than what we have
in Bakersfield.  I knew I could not race up those hills, nor did I want to
(we ALL know that cardio-wise horses are ready BEFORE their ligaments &
tendons are ready)!  My horse has only been in serious training since
December, so I knew his bones & tendons weren't ready for speed!

Anyway, to make a long story short, I finished the 25 well behind the front
runners.  When I left for my second loop, they were finishing.  I couldn't
believe it.  But guess what... My horse received Best Condition.  Maybe if
the LD riders are given a Best Condition award some might slow down!
Everyone received their completion awards, but in addition, Trail Rite gave
my horse a really nice rump rug with the wording "We Won Best Condition at
Hog Wild" on it.  The front runners only received their t-shirts and
completion awards.  There were probably a lot of horses that DID finish in
good condition, but I think that Tammy and the vet were trying to send a
message to all the people who race their horses, that speed might not be the
most important issue here.

I have been looking through my "Endurance News" and it seems to my that
other areas give more Best Condition awards to the LD.  Perhaps the rider
managers could do that in the PS region.  I was totally thrilled to receive
this award.  I have always tried to do the right thing on the trail, to my
fellow riders, and most importantly, to my horse.  I know there are many
other LD riders who do the same.  It was nice to be rewarded in such a big

Thanks to Tammy Robinson and  Fred Beasom, DVM, we appreciate the award.

Kathy & Taz

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