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Kanapolis Canyon Ride

HI, just wanted to set the record straight.  I was the heavyweight "male" 
rider who won the 50 on the Kanapolis Ride.  I had a short hair cut and even 
though I did gain a little weight over the winter I still weighed in as a 
lightweight.  I didn't think I looked that bad after the ride.  HA!  Must have 
been the heat.  I  rode with Sue Romero and Kitty Proctor all day and we 
decided the order of finish way before the finish line so we wouldn't have to 
stress the horses in a race.  So you could say they also won.  My horse 
usually doesn't do all that well in the heat but with the strong Ks. wind 
everytime we came out of a canyon it helped cool him and me off. He also won 
BC.  I enjoyed the ride very much even if it was long it was just beautiful 
and the trail was challenging enough to make it interesting.  Yes, the trail 
was long but there was plenty of water on it and lots of full water tanks in 
camp which my horse just loves to drink out of.  He hates bucket water.  Never 
had to wait long at the vet check either.  Thanks to ride management for 
putting the ride on.  Can't begin to imagine the stress they were under that 
day.  Also a big thanks to Sue and Kitty for the great company on the trail.  
Their biggest concern matched mine "to get the horses through the ride in good 
shape".  Happy Trails,  Kathy Crothers and Rebel's Foxfire

Happy Trails, Kathy

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