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Re: RC: ice boots or????

  If you wrap the poulticed leg with saran-wrap before
putting on the leg wraps it will keep the poultice
from drying out and keep your leg wraps cleaner.


--- wrote:
> We just discusses this last week and I will repeat
> it for FYI: This is what I 
> recomend but I personally I use the ARBEE Ice Boot
> but most brands will do.
> I have used poultice a lot, on several horses. I
> train and condition 
> endurance horses for a living and what I haved
> learned is, it all basicly 
> pertains to the conditions you use it in. I have had
> great results useing it 
> and I defenitly recomend it as a basic preventative
> method. Stocking up 
> creates scar tissue, that end up being called wind
> puffs! Wind puffs are very 
> unsitely and can be prevented to some extent! I have
> experienced not so great 
> results but mostly because of error on my part like
> leaving the wraps on too 
> long in certain weather or while traveling etc. When
> the horse accumulates 
> heat within the bandage after it dries that is not
> good! That is the oppisite 
> effect of what you want after a ride and will end up
> swelliing after you take 
> the bandages off and can somtimes create bandage
> burns to an extent. 
> This is what I have learned that what works best for
> me using the poultice:
> First I Ice the legs for 15 to 30 minutes with some
> type of ice boot, don't 
> leave them on too long they can easily get warmed by
> the body heat of the 
> horse depending on the weather.
> Wet the leg prior with ice water out of your ice
> chest.
> Also soak quilts and leg wraps in the ice water.
> Apply poltice thick as for it to take longer to dry.
> The object is to keep it 
> wet and not allow it to dry!
> Apply quilt, slightly wrung out while still cold!
> Then wrap with the soaked wrap in a backward
> direction pulling the wrap from 
> the outside of the leg in the direction to the rear
> of the horse, the quilt 
> will help prevent you from making it too tight so
> make it snug but not to 
> tight, don't muscle it! Start 1/4 below the knee
> down around ancle and then 
> back up.
> Leave on overnight only! Take off in the morning.
> Unless you did a 100 miler 
> take off before weather gets too hot, I would say no
> longer than 4 hours in 
> the heat of the day and i recomend not to travel
> with them on, they get too 
> hot as well.....unless you don't have too far to go!
> The poltice should still be wet when you take them
> off if you did not leave 
> them on too long! 
> Another thing I do is put Bag Balm on the back of
> the pasterns to prevent 
> getting scratches the water dripping from the wraps
> can somtimes encourage 
> scratches to grow! Or for horses that have scratches
> already apply some of 
> Trail-Rites Magic ointment and that heals it and
> prevents the scratches from 
> taking over.
> I feel poltice it a great product! Yes sometimes I
> like to see if my own 
> horse might stock up without it and I don't use it
> at times for that reason. 
> But  if she did stock up I then wrap them! I belive
> it depends on how you 
> rode and what distance you did and how old is the
> horse you rode. If the 
> horse is young or if you rode hard defenitly wrap,
> if you barly finished on 
> time and went very slow then you may not need too
> wrap at all. Was the ground 
> hard? These kind of things you can evaluate as an
> owner weather to warp or 
> not. As a trainer with clients horses I always wrap!
> I like to keep my 
> clients horses in perfect shape and I do see results
> if used properly!
> Charlene 
> Trail-Rite Training Center
> Trail-Rite Training Center
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