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RE: September 1 - new ride in S. Idaho

Hear by the grape vine you bought enough hay that no one needs to bring any.
You will supply it all and that way keep the weeds out.


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From: Steph Teeter []
Sent: Sunday, June 17, 2001 4:41 PM
Subject: RC: September 1 - new ride in S. Idaho

Owyhee High Country Endurance Ride

September 1, Labor Day weekend: - in the mountain/desert terrain of SW
Idaho.  We're offering a 10 mile trail ride, 30 mile ride, 50 mile ride and
a 100 mile ride. September 1 is a full moon, so it should be good night
riding for the 100's. It can be pretty hot here in early September (average
high is 84, record high is 102), so I'll have some loops up into the
juniper/pine high country. Will try to keep it fairly easy, especially for
the 100's. Footing is generally pretty good - but there is enough rock that
I recommend pads or easyboots if you're not used to riding in rocky country.
Some sand/gravel washes, some cross country, some cowtrails, some 2-track
and dirt road. Not a lot of hills or elevation change, though I'll probably
throw in one good climb into the juniper/pine high country during the heat
of the day. There will be one out vet-check (it may be used twice for 50's
and 100's). All other holds and vet checks will be in camp.

For more info - .
Phone: 208 834 2788 or 208 875 1206

October 27 - Owyhee Canyonlands Endurance Ride: This will NOT have a 100
mile distance as was originally advertised. We will offer a 10 mile trail
ride, 30 mile ride, 50 mile ride and 80 mile ride. Please see for details.

Steph Teeter

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