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Appy is barnsour :(

Well, Mary Ann, you were right to caution me.  I rode him again today, this
time alone; I was going to take him on a trail ride, but once he reached the
property line he stopped, refused to take a step forward and tried backing
up.  I tried all the John Lyon's stuff with him, then I thought, "you know, I
don't need a horse with problems," led him down the trail a bit just to
finish on a good note and put him up.  I have experienced this problem before
with my last horse and eventually got through it, but it took a long time
before he would go confidently down the trail.  There are plenty of good
horses out there so why should I buy another problem horse.  Does this sound
right, or am I not giving this horse a fair chance?

    Check it Out!    

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