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Re: Re: Re: Re: Electrolyting

> >Tracy, I tried using dicalcium phosphate for the calcium in mine since it
> gave me comfort that it was labeled for horse consumption. It was pointed
> out to me that the reason we add calcium is to balance the phosphorous.
> Trouble is, the Dicalcium phosphate has phosphorous too so you're not
> getting anywhere by adding it.  Like I said before, I just use two parts
> salt, two parts lite salt and one part calcium. <
> Yup.  I used to add yoghurt to my feed, and am not doing endurance, so
> wasn't too fazed about the Ca:P thing, but I've now started adding calcium
> carbonate to get a 3:1 Ca:P balance.

Don't get too hung up on the Ca:p ratio when it comes to syringed e'lytes.
As mentioned elsewhere, dical phosphate contains both calcium and
phosphorus, fairly close to a 1:1 ratio.  However, horses lose just barely
trace amounts of phosphorus in the sweat, and phosphorus does NOT need to be
replaced by e'lytes during a ride.  So, one, you're taking up room in the
syringe that's better taken up by things you actually need to replace.

Two, when both calcium and phosphorus are supplemented together, you get
less calcium absorbed and available---so even though you're supplementing
calcium in the dical mix, very little of that calcium is available to the
horse.  So dical has its uses in balancing rations, but it wouldn't be my
pick for use in a homemade e'lyte mix.  I really don't think you can do much
better than calcium carbonate from limestone for bioavailability, supply and

> I prefer to leave it in *because* it loosens the stools.  You may recall
> that Toc is prone to impaction colics (especially when I don't elyte,
> because he simply stops drinking).  Maybe it helps, maybe not.  Susan?

Sorry, I don't know the dose at which magnesium would become cathartic, but
I doubt the amount you're supplementing is really having too much of an
effect on the hindgut.

> I'm also not sure about the Magnesium in our grass.  I do feed alfalfa,
> would this make a difference?  Sigh!  I feel really dumb in conversations
> like this....

Highly variable, you would have to have it analyzed.  Here in the States,
alfalfa from the southwest is about seven times higher in magnesium than
alfalfa from other areas, a factor in the formation of enteroliths.

Susan G
> Tracey
> >
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