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you startin trouble?

Why Howard, you drunken, mouthy piece of crap! Ooooo you can make people get ugly:) You even make them think!! I would love to see endurance go to the Olympics. Our girls would possibly have a chance to compete! Come on, admit it, we would love to see our girls carrying the American flag (on Arabs??) with gold medals around their necks. I would not like to see FEI in total control. I think one way to do it would be to have qualifying rides, much like we do now for championships under AERC, and those who make it can ride under FEI in the Olympics. That way, we all have a choice. Those of us who like to ride at the national level and get points from AERC can do just that. Those who want to compete against the cream of the crop from around the world, will have every opportunity to do so. I know for a fact that the AERC rules and FEI rules are very different (remember, I edjucated myself) but if people want to believe that they are very much the same, they should have no problems crossing over when they qualify. The dress code is nothing compared to the amount of Judges and Stewards needed in a FEI ride. Yes, Judges, like in a show.  Wolfgang was just trying to help you see the other side for what it is. A different level of competition. Nothing to be afraid of and something that could benefit our sport. Or not. (Remember the little girl who competed at the Olympics with the injured foot? That made parents want to send their girls to gymnastics classes because that sent such a strong positive message. Whatever.) I say forget the rules, who ever has the fastest horse wins!! Ride 'em any way you can. Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm
P.S. Howard, there is a support group for  drunken, mouthy riders. They usually meet the Saturday night after a ride. Wendy and I will see you at the next meeting. We are there for you, man. 

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