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Re: thumps reply to susan

I don't have the numbers for Lyte Now in front of me, and I'm too wiped out
tonight to start goofing around with a calculator, anyway <g>.  I would
figure out the mgs of sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium in
the current dose and double it.  Keep giving it every 1-2 hours even if she
hasn't had a drink right that moment, and start the first dose of it several
hours before the start, with an addiitonal dose the night before.  Lyte Now
doesn't come cheap, and instantaneous absorption isn't quite as critical IMO
if you're supplementing consistently, so you might look into some of the
other mixes that aren't quite as pricey.

There is usually alfalfa provided at alot of vet checks, depending on where
you are---even if she doesn't get it at home, feeding just a handful at
stops is fine and provides just a bit more calcium.  Don't overdo it, you
don't need the extra heat.

Otherwise, your program sounds fine.  Just increase the e'lyting and see if
you see an improvement and let us know what happens?

Susan G

> steven thompson
> she is primarily on pasture plus i feed oat and grass
> hay enough of both with the pasture it is basically
> all you can eat, plus i suppliment beet pulp 4-5 days
> prior to a ride.(no alfafa at all).I use lyte now
> brand 1/2 tube (smaal tube) each time she drinks about
> every 1-2 hours depending on the availability, she
> always drinks at every opportunity.she is not a nervous
> or high strung horse either. i hope this is enough additional
> info to help. this problem usually only happens on hard rides
> or hot conditions. thanks
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