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Re: Orthoflex EC Saddles

Dear Ridecampers,

Having written this to Cate; I thought there might be others out there - just 
like me - struggling with an Orthoflex Endurance Cutback. 

Hello Cate,

I guess my problem(s) stem from riding English.  

1. I can't get "centered" in the saddle. It throws me forward.

2. The seat is relatively flat and "really" padded. It feels great on those 
long rides but when Baschke takes a hill, I have a tendency to slide right out 
the back. Here lately; I've been grabbing onto his mane when we climb. Maybe 
this will help with our timing - eh?      

3. The biothane leathers are wide and cumbersome. They pinch me on occasion and 
the cuff that goes over the camlock sores and bruises my shins. I'm going to 
wrap/cover everything up with sheepskin.

I can compensate for anything short of the centering problem. I contacted 
OrthoFlex - earlier this week as a matter of fact - to talk to a 
representative. Guess what? I got Len Brown on the horn! He told me to:

1. Use the larger shims up on the front end of the panels. And to place the 
saddle "over" the shoulder blades. This "should" balance me. We'll see! 

2. Stop using an elasticized girth. It lets the saddle float. Use a regular 
dressage girth - or one of their softsides girth - to restrict movement.

So the jury is still out. Make no mistake; my little rotund steed is "quite" 
happy with the EC - it's me that has the problem!

Ruth Abair in Texas

> Why doesn't the orthflex work for you?   I have a bad hip and some saddles 
> really bother me others don't.  I am in the process of trying to figure out 
> why.  Thought you might help.  My mare is the super wide super flat model 
> morgan.  She has no withers, so I already have a lot of bulk in between my 
> legs.  Thanks. Cate

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