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RE: to much land, horses not allowed

Please do not drop it there! You need to get to ALL of your local horse
groups including the 4H and ask them to support a reform of the local
ordinances. If necessary I can send you the text of the ones passed recently
in our county and, as well, the city. When over 200 people showed up at a
county commissioners meeting and then even more at the City council meeting
(the meeting rooms were absolutely inadequate) the horse owners got
attention. If you can get the attendance it is always nice to alert the
local papers and TV stations of a newsworthy event.

Bob Morris

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patti recor
Thanks to all the people who gave me advice, I received some great info. I
went to our city council meeting last night and they said they will try to
do something to make legal for me to have my horses. They talked about
changing the ordanince for everyone with proper amount of land, OR issue me
permit with my neighbors consent.I will keep you updated and may ask for
some more help too. Thanks again. Patti

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