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gel pad & wool pad placement

If I use a tolkat wool pad only, I can fold it so air goes down the middle 
along the spine (I have an english endurance saddle).

I also use a gel pad which I cannot fold this way.  I'm finding he is 
getting a little 'bump' behind the shoulder where I think the edge of the 
gel pad and the wool pad (which is larger) meets.  I'm also afraid the gel 
pad, not allowing air to flow down the spine, keeps in more heat.

The gel pad is wonderful for distributing weight along the back, especially 
since I am heavier and not an expert rider.  Before I had it, he was sore. 
Since I started using it, he is not sore but is getting this 'bump' behind 
the shoulder.

Any ideas what is going on?  I don't know of any thinner wool pad out there 
then the one I'm using...does anyone else?

Kimberly (&Mystery the Morab)
Fairfax, CA
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