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Re: RC: treatment for arthiritic pain and inflamation


Herbal products work for some horses and not for others.  alternative 
therapy is not an exact science so guarantees are impossible.  Contact 
Chamisa Ridge 800-743-3188 who are distributors for the company I work for 
(sorry bit biased here) Hilton Herbs.  Ask about Reflex and Multiflex.

Heather Hamper

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>Subject: RC:  treatment for arthiritic pain and inflamation
>Date: Sun, 3 Jun 2001 17:04:04 -0700
>Shelley Straub
>Hi distance riders! Can anyone tell me if they have used any of the herbal 
>pain/anti-inflammatories out there and if they worked for you. I have a 13 
>yr. old gelding that I can keep comfortable with joint supplements and MSM, 
>but on his "bad" days and if I ride him more than a 4-5 miles he is quite 
>sore. I use Bute occasionally but am worried about the side effects.
>Has anyone used Bute-less,yucca,devil's claw or even Equi-
>spirin?  I would appreciate any info you can pass on. (Adequan and Legend 
>are kinda out of my price range and I just pleasure trail ride.)
>Thanks in advance!
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