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Liberty Raffle for Ed

The raffle for the Bear at Liberty Run was a great success.  Stagg Newton 
held the winning ticket and picked the Liberty Bear. Thanks to the 
generosity of everyone $469.00 was raised from the raffle which has been 
sent on to Teddy and Ed.  They really appreciate the kindness and support 
shown by so many people. Other projects and fund raising raffles are going 
on over the next few months for anyone who would like to participate.  The 
information may be found at htpp://  then click on "Ed's 
continuing battle".
I have several more bears to raffle at other rides.  My hope is that the 
bears will raise at least $l,000.00 for Ed.  I know its a drop in the bucket 
compared to the overall expenses but every bit helps.

Thanks to Vickie for running a top notch ride - we had a really great time. 
Hope to come back next year.
Ruth and Ken Sturley

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