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re: spurs/crops etc

Teresa Van Hove
No AERC does not have a "no spurs" or "no whips,crops,.." rule,
nor should it in MHO.  Vets DO have discretion to pull a horse that
is being over-ridden and RM DO have dicretion to refuse entry to
someone who has over-ridden a horse in the past as part of AERC rules.  

BTW I am not in the "I use these aids wisely and wont give them up group",
I don't wear spurs, nor carry a crop - I'm not coordinated enough-
I do ride with long split reins that I can apply a swat with if needed. 
I think my horses would jump the moon if I startled them with
spurs, and I know I could have over-ridden my old gal just by shaking
the reins and whooping a little, we couldn't protect all horses with a
"no forward aids" rule anyway, as there are many horses out there that,
like her, would near-kill themselves to keep up with another horse or 
at a riders urging, w/o the rider having to use spurs or a crop as part
of that urging.  Much better to look at individual situations with the 
AERC rules we have than to take a knee-jerk approach of banning these

Teresa Van Hove
AERC member M17417 and Long X RM. 

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