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Re: RC: Ticklish vs. sore

Hi. My first endurance ride was the Chicken Chase with a very experienced
horse just last month. He has big withers and is hollowing out a little.
(He's 14) Anyway, we got to the vet check, and the vet grabbed his withers
and the horse dipped. I got a B. His back was fine. The next day, I ran my
fingers down, lighly, along his spine and he dipped for 2 days. I went thru
heck trying to figure out what the problem was. Was my saddle too far
forward? Was he really sore? This horse has his Legion of Honor so he's done
many many rides, mostly CTR's.
So, we've been trying different saddles and different pads. There've been
times when I can't ride for almost weeks and I'll run my fingers or a hard
brush down his back and he'll still dip. It's frustrating to say the least.

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