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English vs Western

A response and then a question
The Wintec's are excellent saddles especially the new Elizabeth Werth and the changeable
gullets do work. However, note that the flocking should be adjusted when changing the
gullet. Otherwise, you may create pressure points in an otherwise good fitting saddle.
On the new Werth Dressage Saddle the stirrups are placed ina very well balanced position.
I'm impressed and its well worth the price.

Question: I'm a long time English rider. However, I've been using a sportsaddle for the
last couple of years. Recently, I changed the girthing system to be able to use a dressage
girth. I find it more stable and I don't have to girth as tight. But, I wonder about the
dressage billets causing a problem with pressure. So far, I've only done 20 miles with
this system and all seems to be OK. comments anyone?

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