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Re: Max

In a message dated 5/26/01 8:55:24 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

> One microsecond is the what separates any of us - or our horses - from life 
> or death. Life is fraigle, it can end in a idoit pulling out to pass and 
> putting us in his cross hairs. It can end with with our horse spooking and 
dumping us  to an untimely death. It can end with our horse panicing and 
dumping both or us to an untimely death. And folks when a horse panics I 
don't care how much "John 
> Lyons or Monty Roberts or name your own high priest" or any other of the the
>  "religions" he has been exposed to, it is pure instinct, pure fight or  

Truer words were never spoken.  I think this is one of the most prolific 
things I've read in a while on Ridecamp.  Sometimes, there's just nothing you 
can do.  

Living here in Central Florida, lightning capital of the United States, I've 
seen bolts come out of the sky and strike the ground less than a hundred 
yards from where I was standing.  Indiscriminate strikes, they can get you 
anywhere, even in your living room, through the roof of your house,  while 
you're sitting down watching TV.  

Things like this do make one wonder.  If God, or the Devil, want you, right 
then, right now, you're gonna go.  And sometimes they may want your horse.  
For the horse, I think only God wants them.  The Devil has no use for a 
creature so pure of Heart & Spirit.

Howard (life is fragile; but that doesn't mean you must tread so carefully as 
to miss it)

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