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I am so glad you and Jen got a completion. You are a maniac but very entertaining.  My girl bowed a tendon and I feel so ashamed. I don't think I rode to fast (1:45 for the first 15 mile loop) but I know we haven't trained as much as we should have. The second loop did us in. No tripping or bad steps that I know of, just went from a walk to a bobbing trot and then walked the last 7.3 miles in. Bummer. I would like to say Vicky and Harry did an excellent job as did the vets and volunteers. The camping was beautiful. We parked down by the lake, had a nice grassy area for the horses and had a perfect view of the riders coming and going. My daughter Allison and friend Wendy were my pit crew and did an excellent job. However, the bad news is that Wendy pulled up lame as well. The good news is that she didn't have to be put down.  It was a bad mare day. Lisa Salas, The Odd Farm

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