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Re: RC: Knightmare's first trail ride!

Knightmare sounds like a very confident and trusting horse.  You're lucky, I 
wouldn't sell her again if I were you.  There have been many times that I 
have had every forest critter you could think of scurry out infront of me 
including deer.  I jump and pull up on the rein instinctively thinking my 
horse wuold spook, but I was the only one spooking and she will turn her 
head and look at me as if to say, "Hey stupid, it was only a squirl."  Good 
luck and happy trails!

>Subject: RC:  Knightmare's first trail ride!
>Date: Sun, 27 May 2001 21:12:29 EDT
>Yesterday was My Knightmare's first trail ride.  This is the filly that I
>sold as a yearling and bought back earlier this year.  This is also the one
>that dumped me on my face and precipitated the questions about overcoming
>fears.  Well, I had a very confident rider (not me) take her on her first
>trail ride.  We went in a group to Hillsdale Lake.  I am so excited and 
>about how well she did for her first ride outside of an arena or my yard!
>She had a couple of pretty standard Arabian spooks, but nothing too bad.  
>was a little over ten miles, but we took it easy and gave her plenty of
>breaks to graze.
>The only real mishap was when Knightmare lowered her head to shake.  The 
>riding her thought she was lowering her head to eat and leaned way forward 
>the saddle.  When she shook, he popped up out of the saddle over her neck.
>She dropped down and sideways in reaction and he went over her head.  She
>didn't run off, however, and stood quietly for him to remount.  Every time
>that she lowered her head after that, she'd hesitate and turn and look at 
>first.  Cracked me up.  It was as if she was saying, "I'm eating now.  You
>stay THERE."
>At one creek crossing, the dead-broke horse in front was really balking.  
>was rocky and there was a fair amount of water in the creek.  We put
>Knightmare right behind my horse with another really experienced horse 
>behind her.  She walked right into the water, but stopped to DRINK and to 
>a bite of grass as she came out!  I yearn for Special to do that.  
>even went out front and lead the way for a while!  Across logs and through 
>creek.  At the end of the ride, she wasn't even sweaty under the saddle!
>Sorry to be so long winded -- I'm so proud of my baby I could burst.
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