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Re: DefyFly collars

Hi Terre -

I can't remember the maker's name, but I will find out tomorrow. I'm going
to the store (again!$). In the meantime, try making your own. The collar is
a thin strip of cork sandwiched between thin vinyl, one side of the vinyl
perforated. The cork is soaked in the citronella. The collar has snaps on
it, but you could rig up something with ties, instead. Seal the vinyl with a
very hot iron (use a towel so you don't melt it to your iron) or even duct
tape. Put grommets in so the ties don't rip out, or use velcro.  If you
can't find the thin cork, try felt, instead. I went to the fabric/craft
store and got some stuff, and I'm rigging up a couple more collars. I'll let
you know if they work out. I've seen homemade collars years ago, so I'm
trying it.

Cheryl in WNY.
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Date: Monday, May 28, 2001 9:11 PM
Subject: RC: DefyFly collars

>Where are you guys getting these?  Can you give me the name of the
>manufacturer--I want to see if I can find them in Canada.  Thanks!
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