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Hog Wild 50's unoffical results & thanks!

   At this time I want to thank all of my many Volunteers for sticking in
there and doing such a darn good job.  If it wasn't for Volunteers, there
wouldn't be endurance rides!  I must say that I'm real lucky to have the ones
I have.  To top it off, they seemed to have had a good time at it and have
told me they'll be back!
Also, wanted to thank my Vets, Fred Beasom, Hugh Hewitt, & Heidi Smith.  Yes,
Heidi Smith, came all the way down from Idaho to vet my ride!  She heard that
I didn't have one and she called me up saying that she would be in S. CA
close to our ride date.  Thank You so much Heidi!!!!!!!
OK, here are the unoffical results for the 50's
36 Starters - 31 Finishers
1st Place - Suzy Kelley riding La Petie Dancer
Best Condition - Ablaze ridden by Ernest Lohman

1.   Suzy Kelly             La Petie Dancer               1 FW
2.   Larry Bowers         CR Stikoto                       1 MW          
3.   Ernest Lohaman     Ablaze          BC              1 HW          1st
Double Dare
4.   Nancy Donaldson   Chloe D                                             
2nd Double Dare
5.   Jordan Finley        MS Mischa                       1 JR
6.   Richard Fonseca   Alidar                              1 LW
7.   Gesa Brinks           Sparkling Sky
8.   Barbara Strickland Suntiki                                               
 3rd Double Dare
9.   Ed Spitzedr           Cognac
10. Linda Damesek      Allante Bey
11. Nancy James         Rocky
12. Gary James           Ali
13. Kathryn Couture     NU Moonglow
14. Tim Couture           Indikator
15. Jackie Bumgardner     Fire Mt. Holly
16. Jeremy Reynolds   Zayante
17. Julie L. Herrera      PC Bass
18. Jacqy Gamble        Angus
19. Melinda McPherron     Prince of Dreams
20. Paul Sakala           Doc's Wisard
21. Jock Johnston       Baskern's Pow Wow
22. Kathy Klein            Pyrr Stock
23. Terri Egan             Rudy                               5th Double Dare
24. Deborah Huebsch  Carnaval De Ocala
25. Cindy Crook          Reinbeau
26. Karen Sweaney     Montoya DSA
27. Cheri Briscoe        Dr. Thunder Bask
28. Elaine Patterson     Fastrak                           4th Double Dare
29. Marci Cunningham      Koztar
30. Jane McGrath        Fire Mt. Scamp
31. Audrey Scott          Fire Mt. Blaize

DNF list:
Margie Beeson       Kanbeastar                 L
Rebecca Florio       Ready Set Go             RO
Heidi Helly              Bur Echos Knight        L
DeAnn Fieselman    Ali                              L
Cliff Sime               Vinny                         RO

Tammy Robinson
Trail-Rite Ranch & Products
661/513-9169 or 661/713-3912

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