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Hog Wild 25's unoffical results

   Well, this year, the weather Gods were with us.  We had low clouds and
cool weather most of the morning and in the afternoon it did start to warm
up, but not so bad.  We had a wonderful turn out of some of the nicest
riders.  There was a total of 82 riders in all.
    Unoffical ride results for the 25 Milers:
46 Starters - 39 Finishers
Best Condition:  Dyecrest Tarzan

Lisa Schneider                 Whyatt
Robin Van Geest              Thunder
Debie Ekhaml                   Razal
Diane Shakhshir               Silk Sensation
Lucy L. Coassin               Basco (Viva Royal)      1st Junior
Don Huston                      Datezz
Shari Hopkinson               Harlely
Sandy Adams                   MFA Magicaly Dons
Leaha Hill                         Chachi
Krista L. Lehew                Celebrity Hit
Star Stewart                     KC
Michelle Muller                  Basco
Valerie Dorginsky             Bashock
Gail Shifrin                       SA Sherzeena
Barbara Wayant               Can-Do
Richard Hamilton              Tripper
Sheryl Phelps                   Oreo
Cecila Secka                    Duke's Mid-Knight
Kirsten Seyferth                Seventeen
Camille Demosio               Nicoles Dynesty
Ivy Gordon                       Burs Eclipes
Joselyn Wall                    CF Ivanhoe
Marie Feuer                     Belle
Simoni                             KS Starbuck
Kathy Garner                   Dyecrest Tarzan          BC
Carol Dahlberg                 Sha Black Prince
Sally Ann Griffin               BP Sparkle Plenty
Celia Sarkar                     Samdola
Emmanuelle Pytka            Silver
Jennifer Gamez                Konba
Sue Benson                     Sierra Fadrazal
Diane Vieira                     Bo Haskim
Chris Herron                    On Your Toes
Jeff Brown                       LL Rahzamia
Mary Anne Potter             Traveler
Andy Cuba                       Kaiser
Mike Phares                     Spirit
Rosemary Alfieri               Waraga Excalibur

DNF list:

Sheila Park                      Sunshine           L
Donna Winters                 BOB                 RO
Bart Eskander                  Dee Dee           M
Sabino Miranda                Madona            L
Dave Ciscel                      Sierra Bey        OT
Mady Rauch                     K.C.                 OT
Ron Rauch                       Llady Di            OT

50's unoffical results to follow....

Tammy Robinson
Trail-Rite Ranch & Products
661/513-9169 or 661/713-3912

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