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Fly Control

Hi All -
I tried the "Defly... " collar on Kit today. It wasn't a very warm or sunny day, I was actually hoping it would be hot so I could see if this collar would really work. No deerflies were out at all, but the little black biters were. I know because they were all over me! Ms Kit was peacefully grazing, not even flicking an ear. So, I like the collar so far, she probably does, too. The box says it should last two months, but I intend to only use it when I'm riding, since the kids are in the barn during the heat of the day when the flies are out. I put it in a Ziploc bag, with some guaze soaked in eucalyptus and citronella oils. So far so good.
How are the ones who are trying Spot-On doing?
Ride Safe -
Cheryl in WNY
Horse kids Kit, Bobby & Dani

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