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RE: Ortho-flex Customer service reputation

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Sent: Friday, May 25, 2001 2:42 PM
Subject: RC: Ortho-flex Customer service reputation

Teresa Lee
Hello everyone,
I just wanted to ask if anyone else out there has ever purchased a saddle
online from ortho-flex with thier money back guarantee, and then had trouble
getting a refund upon return. The first week of May I purchased a patriot
2000 special edition model only to find I was terribly disapointed in the
quality of workmanship on a saddle costing $1000.00.  When I returned the
saddle in unused condition, I have had nothing but the run around trying to
get my credit card refunded. It has been nearly 2 months!! I don't know
about you all, but I sure don't have those kinds of funds lying around to
just give away. Does anyone else out there have any similar experience?
Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences with me!!!
Teresa Lee

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