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RE: RC: Trailers

> ** Original Subject: RE: RC:  Trailers
> ** Original Sender: "JOLYNN MAYNARD" <>
> ** Original Date: 25 May 2001 15:26:39 -0000
Wow, that's cheap!!  I paid close to $14,000 for my Sundowner Executive 3H GN slant with unfinished living quarters back in 1996--and that was a deal!


  Three horse, slant load, drop
> down window, mangers, rear tack, awning, AC, microwave, queen bed, shower,
> toliet, stove and refrigerator that you didn't have get on your knees to
> get into, of course goose neck for $19,000.  I have a new Trails West
> bumper pull and Lance camper but would like to trade for the trailer I
> just mentioned.
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Corrine Osborne

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