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GRRR...If a bit has Shanks, it has LEVERAGE.  A Snaffle bit does not have
leverage.  A snaffle can have any type of mouth piece, jointed or ported
or tongue release or whatever.  So long as it has no shank it is still a
snaffle.  Bit makers NOW,  for some unknown reason automatically call
everything with a jointed mouth piece a SNAFFLE.  A cavalry man would
have a tizzy.  I hope you are (you must be) a very light handed rider; 
the bit you describe as a short shanked snaffle was called by John Lyons
as an extremely vicious in the wrong hands.  You can not teach Lateral
movements in one.  You can however crack walnuts with them. I like the 
kimberwicke with the ported is much milder.  won't crack
a nut or crush a tongue.

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